When it comes to managing energy and operational costs, businesses and organizations have never been more challenged than they are today. Because the cost of energy is likely to continue to rise, even small improvements in efficiency can add up to significant budgetary savings over time.

That’s why Commercial Tech, Inc. provides a wide range of offerings that enable you to enjoy the highest levels of performance from the systems in your facility. Whether you’re installing new equipment, maintaining an existing system or completely upgrading your infrastructure, Commercial Tech, Inc. can provide exactly the expertise you need.

Commercial Tech, Inc. provides a range of offerings that will upgrade and improve your infrastructure. We can help you replace or upgrade equipment, or simply keep your systems running at maximum efficiency to minimize service calls, eliminate surprises and control your total cost of operation. Commercial Tech, Inc. can even show you how to finance today’s improvements with the funds you’ll save on energy costs in the future.


Cool, comfortable, cleaner air with the durability and reliability of Trane... Read More

Cooling Towers

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Liebert Precision Cooling System

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Refrigerant Monitors

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Cool, comfortable, cleaner air with the durability and reliability of Trane... Read More

VRV Heat Recovery

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VRV Heat Pump (RXYQ)

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VRV Water Cooled

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Packaged Rooftop Unit

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Water Source Heat Pump

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Commercial Air Handler

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Commercial Refrigeration

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Air Conditioners

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Heat Pumps

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Air Cleaners & Filters

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Furnaces and Coils

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Air Handlers

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Communicating Systems

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Packaged Systems

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Trane® Sintesis™ air-cooled chillers offer excellent solutions to meet customer requirements for efficiency, quiet operation and sustainability — all with lower first costs and legendary Trane reliability. Energy efficiency, with over 25 percent higher part-load efficiency than required by ASHRAE 90.1–2013. Multiple sound-reduction options are engineered into every Sintesis chiller, so customers can choose a factory-installed acoustic treatment that best meets their exact needs. Environmental sustainability. Sintesis chillers are part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise™ portfolio of products that can use next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and are energy efficient. An ideal choice for ice-enhanced chiller plants, which shift energy consumption to off-peak hours — when electricity often is cheaper and generated from a greater mix of renewable and cleaner sources, including wind and natural gas. To learn more about the features and performance of Trane Sintesis chillers, Call us at 703-468-1339.