Designed for variable primary flow systems, Fulton’s ENDURA+ firetube condensing boilers represent a  PURE Optimized  revolution in firetube condensing boiler technology.

Whereas conventional boiler designs transfer stresses directly onto the most critical components, Fulton’s patent-pending stress reliever completely eliminates these stresses and significantly increases boiler longevity.

ENDURA+ provides industry-leading performance without sacrificing durability.

Based on comprehensive system optimization, PURE Technology is the culmination of Fulton’s clean-slate design approach. PURE Optimization radically challenges the industry status quo and empowers Fulton engineers to create the best boiler solutions possible, unhindered by previous design roadblocks or trade-offs.

Designs encompassing compact footprints, superior efficiencies, reduced thermal stresses, novel heat exchangers, enhanced water management, high turndown ratios and inherent low emissions were all optimized simultaneously. Extensive validation is performed using Computational Fluid Dynamics software and Finite Element Analysis, along with innovative testing protocols and procedures.

30+ New Patents Worldwide The results of these efforts are game-changing new boiler designs with more than 30 new patent applications worldwide.