Trane approaches buildings as more than concrete and steel boxes; we see them in terms of the critical comfort needs of the people and the things in the building. More than half of the large buildings in the world today have a Trane chiller at their core, playing a critical role in creating the right comfort environment. Not only do our chillers provide the right temperature, humidity and ventilation, they also help reduce your cost of operation, provide energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. In fact, Trane EarthWise CenTraVac chiller received the U.S. EPA’s Climate Protection Award as the most energy efficient, lowest emission large chiller available.

The extensive Trane chiller line was developed with decades of know-how and industry leadership and includes centrifugal, rotary and scroll compressor chillers as well as absorption chillers, ranging in nominal capacities from 10 to 3,950 tons. Trane liquid chillers are relied upon for both comfort and process applications excellence 24/7/365 in every corner of the world.

Absorption Liquid Chillers

Absorption chillers use heat to drive the refrigeration cycle, they produce chilled water while consuming just a small amount of electricity to run the pumps on the unit. Absorption chillers generally use steam or hot water to drive the lithium bromide refrigeration cycle but can also use other heat sources.

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  • Direct-Fired Absorption Chillers
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EarthWise CenTraVac Centrifugal Chillers

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Since 1938, Trane CenTraVac chillers have led the industry as the most reliable, most efficient, lowest emission and quietest chillers in the world. Learn more about our newest chiller Series S CenTraVac Chiller with AdaptiSpeed technology.

  • Most Efficient – Selectable with full load efficiencies down to 0.45 kW/ton at AHRI conditions and integrated part load values (IPLVs) down to 0.305 kW/ton.
  • Lowest Emissions – CenTraVac chillers have a near-zero documented leak rate… ask your Trane representative about our updated
  • Most Reliable – CenTraVac chillers have an average lifetime of 30 years and some have even lasted more than 50 years.
  • Technology – proven technologies reflect decades of research and development, and enable the options and capabilities of CenTraVac chillers today.

A sustainable product with the papers to prove it The EarthWise CenTraVac chiller is the first (and only) commercial chiller in the world to earn Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) registration based on a third-party life cycle assessment.

Compressor Chillers

If you are designing a new system or replacing an existing compressor chiller, Trane can satisfy virtually any application need. Whether coupled with a Trane or other manufacture’s condenser , Trane has the right compressor chiller for the job. Our factory-assembled compressor-chillers are ideal for comfort or process cooling applications, keeping the chilled water loop indoors without the need for performance-degrading freeze protection.

All of our units are designed for ease of installation and connection, and have proven, reliable controllers to ensure efficient and cost-effective operation

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Helical Rotary Liquid Chillers

Trane helical rotary chillers provide chilled water for both comfort and industrial cooling systems. These air- and water-cooled chillers can reduce your total cost of ownership because they are engineered for lower life cycle costs and reliability through design simplicity.

Our Helirotor compressor technology is direct drive, low speed (3600 rpm), with only two rotating parts, for high reliability and efficiency. Optimized compressor parts profiles are designed specifically for chilled water applications to optimize full- and part-load efficiency. Our Adaptive Control Microprocessor provides greater reliability through a proactive control strategy, safety functions with simple diagnostics and easy interface with Trane Tracer building automation/energy management using a single twisted pair of wires. Series R chillers are the right choice for tight temperature control in virtually any application,

  • Series R Chiller Model RTAC
  • Series R Chiller Model RTHD
  • Series R Chiller Model RTWD
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Scroll Air Cooled Chillers

Trane has state-of-the-art Air-Cooled Scroll liquid chillers for a wide range of comfort and process-cooling applications. These chillers are complete, factory-assembled liquid chillers that offer ease of installation with wiring and microprocessor controllers providing maximum operating efficiency.

Our compact chillers install easily and quickly into most building layouts, making them ideal choices for retrofit or new building designs.

  • Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller Model CGAM
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Daikin Mcquay Chiller

  • Efficient – meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1.
  • Quiet – sound pressure ratings as low as 60 dBA without any optional acoustic treatment. All dBA ratings are tested in accordance with ARI Standard 370.
  • Reliable – tandem or trio scroll compressor sets per circuit have fewer moving parts. Dual circuits start at 25 tons.
  • Model AGZ-D units qualify for LEED EAc4 credit for Enhanced Refrigerant Management, worth 2 points


Available options to exactly meet your requirements:

  • Factory installed pump packages for reduced installation costs and time
  • High ambient kit for operation from 105 to 125 degrees F (40 to 52 C)
  • Low ambient operation down to -10 degrees F (-23 C)
  • Remote evaporator option to keep all chilled water piping inside the building
  • Easy integration with the Open ChoicesTM feature for communication with your choice of building automation system using BACnet, LonTalk or Modbus standard open protocols
  • Ice storage capability to reduce operating costs
  • Compressor sound reduction package for ultra sound-sensitive projects